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  • Jun-16

Having a healthy lifestyle has become more and more important in Portugal. However, achieving a balance in a sometimes hectic lifestyle is not always an easy task. But sometimes what we need is to adopt simple habits and rituals so we can feel more focused and healthier.

Bearing that in mind, FOX Media, Initiative and Compal Vital worked together to create “ABC of a Balanced Lifestyle by Compal Vital”. There are 6 pills of 60 seconds each. Each one of them deals with a different topic and they will be broadcast for six weeks.

Ana Cunha will present the format and the pills focus on healthy routines and the following topics: “Balanced Diet”; “Fruit Benefits”; “Sedentary lifestyle: how to fight it?”; “I want to do sports: which one is more appropriate for me?”; “Your mind also needs to exercise” and “Running: tips and tricks”.

This format will also feature some suggestions of healthy and relaxing activities to do in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.

“ABC of a Balanced Lifestyle by Compal Vital” will be on FOX channels’ breaks for six weeks.

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