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Compal – Veggie launch

A cocktail of flavours on FOX and FOX Life



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  • FOX Life

Project type:

  • Branded content
  • Soft sponsoring


  • Compal


  • Initiative


  • Oct-15
  • Presenting the new range of vegetable juices Compal Veggie
  • Exclusive campaign for FOX and FOX Life developed by FOX Media

To launch its new range of products, Compal challenged the FOX Media team to create an exclusive campaign on FOX and FOX Life to present the new juices Compal Veggie Tomate, Compal Veggie Beterraba-Maçã e Compal Veggie MultiVeg. To achieve this goal, FOX Media developed a communication plan that broadcasts the launching event that counts with the presence of public figures and three 30-seconds spots with three recipes of delicious and original cocktails made of the new juices.

Along with FOX and FOX Life, spots will also be shared on the FOX Life and Compal pages on Facebook.

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