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FOX Horror Stories 2018 | Halloween Party

Apocalipse Party



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  • Oct-18

• Greatest Halloween Party on 31st October 2018 from Convento do Beato;
• Sponsorship of Audi, Continente, Cigala, Banzai, Noodles, Sweppes, Nintendo Switch and Heineken;
• Support: Cachaça 51, Chauffer Privé and Azzarro Wanted support;
• Quiz on FOX’s Facebook to win tickets for the part;
• The most terrifying activations;
• 4000 people.

Anybody celebrates the Halloween night like FOX! The best Halloween Party is the FOX Horror Stories – Apocalypse Party and happened on 31st October, from 11pm at Convento do Beato.

This year, in addition to many scares, the party had more than 15 terrifying experiences, among which: a "terror tunnel" - unsuitable for cardiacs – where the participants were challenged to walk down a runway without light where the end of the world and the zombies cohabit; the "wall of desires" - in a setting in which apocalypse approaches, the guests could write their final message and prepare for the worst; from a kiss to grandma to last thoughts or even requests for a wedding or to venture into the "pick a door" - where participants can choose a room and discover their greatest fears.
The FOX Horror Stories party was sponsored by Audi, Continente, Banzai Noodle, Schweppes, Nintendo Switch, Heineken and with the support of Cachaça 51, Chauffer Privé and Azzarro Wanted.

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