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Halloween Beat Night

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  • Oct-16

The biggest Halloween party on October, the 31st 2017 in Estufa Fria
• Sponsored by Audi, Superbock Stout, Yorn, Schweppes, MyLabel, and Rádio Comercial
• Quiz on FOX’s Facebook to win tickets for the party
• The most terrifying activations

On Halloween, FOX throws one of its most famous Halloween’s parties, in Estufa Fria of Parque Eduardo VII, in Lisbon, from 11:30 pm till dawn.

FOX Halloween Beat Night promises much fun and surprises on the most frightening night of the year. With a decoration designed to the detail and according to the theme, all the guests will be able to try and feel strong emotions through several activations of FOX in the event, and at the same time everyone can put their skeleton dancing to the music of national DJs Wilson Honrado, Kwan, and Kamala.

Rádio Comercial will join the party, together with other sponsors like Audi, Super Bock Stout, MyLabel, Schweppes, and Yorn, who also promise to bring several horrid surprises.

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