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Photo Ark – Lisbon | 2018



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  • Dec-18

• 3 sponsors: Mitsubishi, Opticália and Fnac;
• More than 100 photos exposed, half are new in Portugal and 12 were taken in our country;
• The largest "photographic ark" in the world exposed in more than 500 m2 in the Cordoaria Nacional, from November 28th, 2018 to May 5th, 2019.

The emblematic 'Photo Ark' exhibition by renowned photographer Joel Sartore, partner and contributor to National Geographic magazine for more than 20 years, opened its doors on November 28th at the Cordoaria Nacional and will be until May 5th, 2019. The project aims to show more than 12.000 species in captivity, and until now more than 8400 species are already part of this "ark".

After the success of the exhibition in Porto, which had more than 60 thousand visitors, the exhibition arrived in Lisbon. With double of the photographs - the number now rises to more than 100 - half are new and 12 were photographed in Portugal. Joel Sartore photographed three times in our country, it was in April 2018 on a property in the Douro, that the photographer found the 8000 specie for the ark: the water mole.

This photograph, as well as those of the Iberian wolf; of the Angolan giraffe; the Iberian hare or the cayman, among others, were highlighted in an area of the exhibition dedicated to Portugal.

In this very well known National Geographic exhibition, with more than 5 million visitors in 10 countries, you can see animals of various sizes, from the African elephant to the two-horned chameleon; from the Indian Rhinoceros to St. Andrews Beach Mouse; from the winged-oblong grasshopper to the Syrian grizzly bear. All these species, from the largest to the smallest, are photographed in a simple way, against a white or black background, in a perspective that puts all animals on an equal footing.

In the 500m2 of the exhibition, visitors also can watch three documentaries about the project; participate in an interactive activity and discover what is your 'Photo Ark' personality or take selfies with one of the most emblematic photos of the exhibition and qualify for National Geographic awards.

The 'Photo Ark' Lisbon is a National Geographic exhibition, in a partnership with Art for You. It is sponsored by Mitsubishi, Opticália, Fnac, and has the support of Bresser, Lisbon City Hall, Lisbon Zoo and Museu da Marinha .

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