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Sharks – Brian Skerry Exhibition

From the bottom of the oceans directly to Lisbon



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  • Sep-18

• First edition of Sharks in Portugal
• Sponsor: Audi, Banco CTT, Conselheiros da Visão, Delta Q and Ageas

"Sharks, a mission by Brian Skerry," is an extraordinary journey to the world of sharks that has so far influenced more than 450,000 people in the United States and went to Europe for the first time with the aim of raising awareness of the danger of extinction of these animals.

This unique exhibition features 50 photos of Brian Skerry’s authorship, a photographer and photojournalist specialized in marine life and underwater environments, who promises to show a new perspective on these ocean predators to the visitors to realize the importance of their protection. This project teaches us to appreciate sharks rather than fear them

The exhibition in the atrium of the Lisbon Oceanarium counted with the support of the sponsors: Audi, Banco CTT, Conselheiros da Visão, Delta Q and Ageas.

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