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FOX Media is a brand that was created to represent an adsales team with global reach.

Our brands are present in more than 200 territories and have an unrivalled force in the TV Premium branch. More than channels, FOX and National Geographic are prestigious brands in five continents. Our origins, deeply connected with the famous 20th Century FOX, have taught us to respect the quality of our contents. We select the programmes that are part of our grids in an extremely careful manner. And we do the same with our breaks.

FOX Media is therefore more than an adsales service, it is also a creative agency. We develop contents for all screens and platforms that by using our brands' force and values spread our clients' message. We offer a global experience to local brands. An exclusive service.

FOX Media – We Tell a Bigger Story.

Pay TV audience-share leader media group
with more 1pp share than the second biggest group in 2016

TV channels that lead in terms of value and brand attributes.
Leadership in terms of awareness, reputation, recommendation, entertainment, contents, exclusive and acclaimed series

Prize-winning channels and marketing actions since 2006

Close collaboration between national and international teams
Creative and marketing local departments. FOX Lab at an international level

Communication formats adjusted to the brands' objectives.
Branded content, endorsement, events, IDs, sponsoring, soft sponsoring, creative spots, programming suggestions

"FOX Media has been a strong partner as far as building relevant messages to our brand audiences is concerned and has performed with flexibility, excellence and creativity."

Bruno Albuquerque, Unicer

Platform-integrated communication plan

Fox International Channels platforms
TV on-air, Fox Play, channels' websites and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube), App 24 Kitchen Recipe of the Day

Advertising brand platforms
Media partners (radio, press, FOX Life & 24 Kitchen bloggers)

Access to a network of 300 channels all over the world in 45 different languages that reach more than 1.900 homes

Possibility of communicating with the media group that holds three of the most powerful brands at a global level
FOX, National Geographic and FOX Sports

Access to the biggest content generator

We amplify our clients' messages
We use the power, values and reach of our brands across platforms to take our clients' messages further

We offer a creative team's services in house
and our broad experience in contents. Thus, we create unique and differentiating products that are able to strengthen our partner brands

We anticipate trends and address challenges
We know our audiences and what they are looking for. We create contents they identify with and that spread the values of our clients' brands

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