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Seat – “ABC do Running” S1

Is running trendy? FOX and Seat prove that it is



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  • May-15
  • "FOX Running ABC" with more than a million viewers and 200.000 viewers on Youtube
  • Sponsored by Seat Leon X-Perience
  • Six episodes, six tips by José Guimarães, author of the blog "De sedentário a maratonista”

Portugal is getting off the couch. Running has gained many new fans, but not all of them know how to start. That's why more than one million people in Portugal saw “ABC do Running FOX” as a chance to practise an increasingly popular sport.

In six episodes, “ABC do Running FOX” teaches some basic information that is useful for practising a sport. This apparently simple sport can bring about many benefits when done safely and following some tips for a better performance.

The one-minute format programme is hosted by José Guimarães, author of the blog “De sedentário a maratonista”, in which he shares his story and the tips that helped him in the process. “ABC do Running FOX” was sponsored by Seat Leon X-Perience. The six episodes were presented on the FOX channel, the FOX page on Facebook, the blog “De sedentário a maratonista”, the Seat page on Facebook and the Seat Youtube, where they had more than 200.000 views.


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