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Heineken sponsor of The Empire Party 2015

Lisbon night surrended to the Empire rhythm



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  • Eventos
  • Patrocínio

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  • Heineken


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  • Feb-15
  • Party at Rádio Hotel with Sam The Kid as DJ
  • A party full of bling bling at the sound of the series' soundtrack
  • Sponsored by Heineken

A series that tells the story of the biggest hip hop record company. The choice of the next Empire CEO was also the reason for the party that took hundreds of lisboners to Rádio Hotel for an unforgettable night.

Guests were influenced by the series' bling bling with accessories that reminded everyone of this audience-share leader TV drama.

Sponsored by Heineken, the party welcomed Sam The Kid, the King of Portuguese hip hop who entertained the audience as a DJ.

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