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FOX Life Mark It Lisboa 2015

A market on wheels



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  • Jun-15
  • FOX Life went to the street and created a market for the fans
  • 5000 m2, 3000 visitors, two days of entertainment, concerts, stand up comedy, zumba and yoga lessons, children's animation and street food.
  • Sponsored by Pleno Tisanas, Somersby, Jeep e Sonatural

On a hot weekend in June, FOX Life invaded the "docas" in Lisbon with the first market on wheels.

During two days, more than 3000 visitors could enjoy lots of entertainment, HMB and Carolina Deslandes' concerts, stand-up comedy and street food.

There was a market in which more than 40 brands contributed with 2500 euros for APAV.

The event was sponsored by Pleno Tisanas, Somersby, Jeep and Sonatural. These brands launched new products and created brand activations for visitors.

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