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  • Oct-19

• The Porto Museum of Natural History and Science hosted a unique and unprecedented exhibition in Portugal: National Geographic 130 years;
• The exhibition includes a wide range of photographs, maps, videos and other iconic items highlighting the importance of research and exploration in the various fields of science and technology;
• 'A Quite Century: 130 Years National Geographic' patent in Porto from October 18th 2019 to July 19th 2020;
• Exhibition sponsored by Jeep, Wook, Iberdrola and Grandoptical.

Porto hosted the exhibition “A Century and So Much: National Geographic 130 Years”, which will be held from October 18 2019 to July 19 2020, at Porto Museum of Natural History and Science. This space hosted this unprecedented show in Portugal to celebrate over a century of history from one of the most iconic organizations in the world.
With photographs and unique objects from the history of the National Geographic Society (NGS), but also from Portuguese exploration. This exhibition highlights the importance of research and exploration in the most diverse areas of science and technology.
The exhibition was organized into nine sections, during which visitors can learn more about the National Geographic Society's early years, its present and future, as well as its mission. National Geographic's extraordinary history can be discovered through a rich selection of images and objects from its Washington DC museum. This will be joined by a selection of 200 covers from the magazine's international and national editions, illustrating emblematic moments of the centuries. XIX, XX and XXI.
This exhibition was sponsored by Jeep, Wook, Iberdrola and GrandOptical.

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