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NGC put brains to the test in Colombo



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  • Apr-15
  • The initiative promotes programmes on the topic "Entertain your brain"
  • Challenges in which the brain is put to the test reflect the motto of series like "Brain Games: Test your Brain" or "Science of Stupid"
  • Sponsored by Toyota

Is it possible to trick your brain and remain still when your senses tell you you will fall? How can you walk on a rope without losing balance only by trusting your brain? Physical and mental challenges are irresistible and take place on several NGC's programmes. Programmes like "Brain Games: Test your Brain" and "Science of Stupid" became famous by showing how our senses fool our brain and modify our perception of reality. In May, NGC brought some experiences to real life and viewers could experience some of the situations they had already watched on NGC. This event lasted two weeks and had more than 6000 participants.

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