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Licor Beirão – Christmas 2015 | Creative Spot

Spend Beirão Christmas also like a boss with Fox



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  • Dec-15
  • Fox Media brings to life 3 Beirão Christmas characters: the snowman, the chocolate and the lemon.
  • Humorous animated spots reinforce Licor Beirão's Christmas communication in an original and exclusive campaign in FIC channels and Fox Comedy social networks.

In line with the brand's innovative, humoristic and daring communication style, Fox Media developed 3 creative spots that bring 3 original characters to life - the snowman, the chocolate and the lemon - that interact with Licor Beirão on Fox, Fox Life, Fox Movies and Fox Comedy channels. With captivating and funny spots, the brand reinforces its position with only 10'' of humor. The brand benefited also from the publication of its spots on Fox Comedy's facebook and instagram, due to the channel’s content affinity.

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