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FOX Media creates content that integrates characters from the new movie by Walt Disney Studios "Zootopia" with each channel’s graphics



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  • Havas Sports & Entertainment


  • Feb-16

Walt Disney Company's new movie, "Zootopia", premieres in Portuguese theatres on February's 25th but FOX Media brings its characters to Fox, FOX Life, FOX Comedy and FOX Movies channels, starting on February 17th.

In partnership with Disney and Havas Sports&Entertainment, the FOX Media team created 12 bumpers with Judy and Nick, main characters in the new animation movie, where these interact with different brands of the FOX universe.

“This is the kind of projects that we find most satisfactory”, explains Jorge Padinha, FOX Media Portugal Commercial Director, “we created a product that integrates our brand and values with those of our sponsors, which resultus in unique content, capable of creating emotional bonds with our viewers”. Those bumpers were available on Fox channels until February 28th.


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